How To Find A Granny And Keep Her From Looking For A New Bed Mate

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Granny Date

Many men have a desire to date a Granny, just to see what else is out there in life. They may have gotten tired with woman their own age and are seeking someone who is more mature. However, once men do find a GILF, they are unsure what to do next. They desperately want to hold on to her but often times can not do so. The following tips are going to show you how to find her and keep her.

Show Her Your Confidence

One of the most important things you can bring to a relationship with a GILF is your confidence. She wants to know that you are a man who knows what they want are are going to go after it. However, keep in mind that is not an excuse to be cocky. In fact, being cocky is one of the surefire ways to have a her look for a new bed mate elsewhere.

Show Her Attention

Many men believe that all granny slappers want is extreme sex. However, most Grannies are looking for guys who are going to shower them with the attention they never got from previous relationships. It is important to understand this is what a Granny wants and under no circumstances should you ever show attention to another woman while out on a date.

Can You Be A Piece Of Meat?

Most guys do not understand that their main function in dating a mature is for show purposes. A Granny wants to show you off to all of her friends as a much-desired prize. So be well aware that you are going to be ogled over and be used to make other woman jealous. One of the requirements of dating an older woman is understanding this and being able to function in a variety of social settings..

Make It A Drama Free Zone

Grannies are not looking for any type of drama! They have been in relationships in the past that have had their fair share of drama and do not want it or need it now. Most Granny slappers are simply looking for a “no strings attached” simple kind of relationship.

Know What You Are Getting Into

Make no mistakes about it, a GILF relationship in incredible. However, it is not going to be your typical relationship! GILFS are not looking for a man to settle down with and have babies and make a life. They have done all that in the past and are just looking for some fun and good times. If you are able to provide that you have the opportunity of having a great relationship.

As you can see, not much is needed to find a Granny and keep her happy. While these are different relationships than the typical norm they can be very rewarding and filled with fun times. If you have never dated one, give it a shot and see what happens.

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Aspects Of A Man Dating An Older Woman

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Grannies seeking

Grannies seeking

When you have a situation where a man dating an older woman seems a bit odd, hold on just a second, as in many situations it can turn out to be the perfect relationship. Men do not like clingy women, and in many cases relationships in the mid-twenties, when a couple is of similar age, finds the female abandoning her lifestyle, and wanting to move right in with the guy.

So men are finding that women who are a little older, who have their own careers intact, are much less likely to put the clinch hold on them. This gives a relationship time to mature and for a couple to get to know one another on terms other than just hitting the sack together.

A maturity in a relationship is built on many other things than just sex. The ability to talk with one another and exchange ideas with out a major battle ensuring is a big step in any relationship.

It is also important to men to be able to feel that they can retreat into their own areas of involvement until they feel comfortable in including the woman 100%. Too many younger women, they feel are all in too fast for the comfor level of the man.

There is the problem of seemingly immature males, where their general “life knowledge” is not quite mature enough for his older female partner. Older women do not want to “raise” up their male counterpart, they do not want to be his older sister or his mother.

Also an older lady does not want to be responsible for the man’s finances either, such as when they eat out, he should provide some of the cash in that endeavor. Going dutch is rather awkward, unless she suggests it, or it is mutually worked out.

A relationship has to be made workable on terms which both parties agree upon, and between two people of similar age, this just takes time. Think about the fact that when you have a very noticeable divergence in ages, that it is probably going to take longer, and more effort will have to be expended in order to make it work.

granny date uk

granny date uk

Younger men will have to step up to the plate with responsibility and accountability. This is not to say that he has to know everything, but he is going to have to be solid in his role as far as career, self confidence and a willingness to compromise to some extent to make a relationship work.

Youth is great, but it is wasted on young people is not the view that he wants his older partner to see him as being in. By the same token, the older women has to realize that the age difference is going to be a factor where he will not have experienced everything yet either.

It takes a mutual growing together in any relationship, and in the case of a man dating an older woman, the growing needs time to mature and come together naturally. I’ve talked a lot about granny dating, which is for much older women dating younger men. Other guys prefer cougar women aka cougar dating. Some of my friends hang out a site called – which has been around for many years and is one of the leading sites for cougars on the prowl, who are looking for cubs! Go get ’em! 🙂

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Benefits Of Granny Dating

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Portrait of smiling mature woman

Life experience that comes with age changes the behavior, expectations and way of experiencing love.  People who are aware that life consists of ups and downs and it’s better to live life to the fullest rather than be a victim of their own fears, often assembled to do in later years.


old-woman-marries-young-man-19The seemingly inexplicable behavior changes and our lifestyle often has to do with the fear of death and the manner of his treatment, and is good with the help of a professional person to work through what our culture is a taboo subject.

From previous experience psychological treatment depends on whether it will be love in the later years of experience as a gift of life, or be due to fear of change sabotage before the opportunity of true feelings. It is desirable but very difficult to draw lessons from their own mistakes and be open to new experiences.

I give a greater chance of a qualitative partnership of 35 to 60 years, because this period of life is called adult age, It is possible to be in these years but keep the behavior patterns characteristic of youth, which is why we are not mature enough in the partnership. If we have reached maturity, then we would certainly be more lenient, because it is not managed by a delusion that someone will change, but we are tolerant enough that we can accept and sometimes to suffer something we do not like in a partner. If a mature man estimates that something to him is unacceptable, he will give up a relationship than you will enter the mission of changing the other.

11988458_690152587750971_1987242252375130821_nMature individuals have established identity, knowing what they want and do not expect their partner to read their minds already know what to say, what they want and expect. They can tolerate frustration, clearly they have some skills, so that they are able to work and be creative. When two such mature individuals meet, they respect each other, they are aware that the success and maturity of which is the second scoring is not their merit, so there is no emotional blackmail, like “if it was not for me …” and what especially combines them the most, in addition to a similar view of the world, and sex appeal. Because sex life is much more mature in this period of life than in his youth, although often thought the opposite.


The essential difference between infatuation and love is that feeling of love based on idealization processes, while the real love relationship in which it is possible to feel all the emotions. When infatuation passes is a sign that we have ceased to idealize partners and to gradually enter into a real relationship. That relationship will take place only if we are willing to tolerate what we have noticed that bothered us. However, if these are features and processes that really stand out from our value system, we will probably leave that person.

The feeling of being in love can be present, but rarely turns into euphoria, which is often the case in his youth.

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