Granny Date

Many men have a desire to date a Granny, just to see what else is out there in life. They may have gotten tired with woman their own age and are seeking someone who is more mature. However, once men do find a GILF, they are unsure what to do next. They desperately want to hold on to her but often times can not do so. The following tips are going to show you how to find her and keep her.

Show Her Your Confidence

One of the most important things you can bring to a relationship with a GILF is your confidence. She wants to know that you are a man who knows what they want are are going to go after it. However, keep in mind that is not an excuse to be cocky. In fact, being cocky is one of the surefire ways to have a her look for a new bed mate elsewhere.

Show Her Attention

Many men believe that all granny slappers want is extreme sex. However, most Grannies are looking for guys who are going to shower them with the attention they never got from previous relationships. It is important to understand this is what a Granny wants and under no circumstances should you ever show attention to another woman while out on a date.

Can You Be A Piece Of Meat?

Most guys do not understand that their main function in dating a mature is for show purposes. A Granny wants to show you off to all of her friends as a much-desired prize. So be well aware that you are going to be ogled over and be used to make other woman jealous. One of the requirements of dating an older woman is understanding this and being able to function in a variety of social settings..

Make It A Drama Free Zone

Grannies are not looking for any type of drama! They have been in relationships in the past that have had their fair share of drama and do not want it or need it now. Most Granny slappers are simply looking for a “no strings attached” simple kind of relationship.

Know What You Are Getting Into

Make no mistakes about it, a GILF relationship in incredible. However, it is not going to be your typical relationship! GILFS are not looking for a man to settle down with and have babies and make a life. They have done all that in the past and are just looking for some fun and good times. If you are able to provide that you have the opportunity of having a great relationship.

As you can see, not much is needed to find a Granny and keep her happy. While these are different relationships than the typical norm they can be very rewarding and filled with fun times. If you have never dated one, give it a shot and see what happens.